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Saplings Class

Welcome to Saplings Class

This year, Saplings Class will be taught by Miss Mawby and Miss Bulmer, with Mrs Martin and Mrs Liverton supporting the children.

PE lessons will continue to take place on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child arrives at school wearing their PE kit on this day. A gentle reminder that as we are now approaching winter, layers will be needed to keep your child warm. All items of clothing need to be named.

The children in Saplings class will be accessing the reception outdoor area each day. As it is now getting colder outside, the children will wear an outdoor suit provided by the school. We would also like the children to wear a pair of wellies whilst using the outdoor area. Please provide your child with a pair of named wellies that they can keep in school if you have not already done so.

You should have already received login details for Go Read to record any reading or sound practise that your child completes at home. Your child will be bringing home a ‘Book for Enjoyment’ which is swapped on a Monday. This is a book that should be read to your child by an adult at home. They will also be bringing home a ‘Blending Book’ and a pack of sound cards. These are books and resources that can be read by your child to an adult.

To find out more about what your child is learning at school, don’t forget to sign up to the Interactive Learning Diary where you can view photos and videos of your child whilst they are at school. Please speak to Miss Mawby if you require another copy of your login details.

This Term’s Theme – Once Upon a Time.....

Our theme for this term is ‘Once Upon a Time…’. During this topic, the children will become storytellers as we read and learn about a range of traditional tales. This topic lends itself well to learning various morals such as, who we turn to when we are lost, making good and bad choices, sharing and being proud of who we are. The children will continue to learn about our five school values: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence and will be awarded forest points throughout the day for showing them. In addition to this, we will begin our ‘Relationships’ PSHE unit where the children will learn about families, friendships and treating others with respect.

The children will listen to lots of different stories, such as ‘I Wanna Iguana’ by Karen Kaufman Orloff and a whole range of traditional tales including: Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. During our English lessons, we will continue our ‘Once Upon a Time…’ theme, whilst we explore the text ‘Jack and the Jellybean Stalk’. We will generate lots of new vocabulary with the help of Grandma Fantastic and continue to become brave writers during our group writing sessions.

Our PE lessons will continue to take place on a Wednesday during the Summer Term. The children will develop their coordination skills whilst sending and receiving a ball. They will learn how to perform each moment with control by focusing on their accuracy and weight whilst sending a ball and adjusting their body position when receiving a ball.

We will continue to practise the Set 1 and 2 sounds during our phonics lessons. The children will practise the skill of blending every day and will continue to segment words into sounds to support their spelling. During this term, we aim to get children reading short sentences with accuracy and independence. Look out for the Read, Write, Inc books that will be sent home with your child each day that contain phrases and short sentences. These should be practised at home with your child on a daily basis. Your child may also bring home a ‘Book Bag Book’. Please ensure that your child is bringing their books to school each day so that they can be changed.

In Maths, the children will develop their ability to count in sequence by learning the skill of counting on and counting back. We will explore numbers to 20 with the children, learning how to recognise, compare and represent numbers beyond 10. As always, the support that you provide your child at home with their learning is invaluable. Please continue to support your child to count forwards and backwards to 20, name and order numbers to 20 and name and describe the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Foundation Stage Team if you have any questions.

Miss Mawby and Miss Bulmer

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