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Sycamore & Elm Class

Welcome to Sycamore and Elm Class

Sycamore class is taught by Ms Beveridge and Mrs Tomlin Barfoot is the Teaching Assistant.

Elm class is taught by Miss Berry ans Mrs Jones is the Teaching Assistant.

Each half term, the class will be set a homework project linked to their curriculum theme. In order to make maths fun and enjoyable, we will also send a maths fluency fact sheet home for the term, which gives the opportunity for children to spot mathematical patterns, make mathematical connections and speed up their calculation skills. They will also have a list of spellings for the term. All of the letters, which contain this information, are recorded on this page under Sycamore and Elm Curriculum Information. 

P.E. will be a double session on a Tuesday for Sycamore Class and a double session on a Tuesday for Elm Class. Please make sure your child comes to school in their full school PE Kit on these days. Please ensure that long hair is tied back and that if your child cannot take out their own earrings that they are taken out before school. We will be trying to get outside as much as possible.

Your child has been given an independent reading book to read at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. They should record their reading in their reading records.

This Term's Theme: 'The Water Cycle'

Our theme for Summer Term 1 begins with a Geography and Science focus.

In Geography we will be exploring how rivers are formed and where they are in the world with a focus on The River Nene and the River Volga.

In Science, we are going to investigate the water cycle and the impact it has on our world.  

In writing, we are going to be creating a disaster story based on a flood. This will give the children an opportunity to build on our narrative writing skills that we reintroduced last term. We will then develop our non-fiction writing skills by writing a factual tour about the water cycle. 

In Maths this term, Sycamore class are exploring fractions, length and money as well as looking at creating charts for storing data and information. Elm class are delving into fractions this term as well as length and learning to tell the time. During PSHE we will be focussing on the unit ‘Relationships’, we will be looking at how to keep ourselves safe online and looking at how to make friends. We will also focus on the roles and responsibilities in our families

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