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Year 2

Welcome to Hedgehog Class!

This Year Hedgehog class will be taught by Ms Beveridge and Miss Cumley with Mrs Martin and Mrs Joyce supporting.

Homework will be a set of projects based around our themes for Spring 1 and 2 and a maths fluency sheet. P.E. will be on a Monday afternoon; please make sure earrings are taken out and that your child has their full P.E. kit ( we try to get outside as much as possible so jogging bottoms/tops/ leggings are a must please) in school.

Your child has been given an independent reading book to read at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. They should record their reading in their reading records.

This Term's Theme: Down Under

Our theme for Spring Term 2 begins with a Geography, Science and Art Focus. Our main focus is finding out all about a country with a warmer climate; Australia. We will also be investigating the wildlife that lives there and creating sketches of Australia’s landscape as well as using different tools to paint aboriginal art. Our Spring 1 focus was Chilly Adventurers and our homework letter combines the two learning journeys.

In English our key texts are: Wombat goes Walkabout and various non-fiction texts about Australia. The children will be gathering vocabulary, including adjectives and adverbs from pictures of Australia and scenes in the book so we can write to entertain. Children will collect a range of vocabulary to then create a new section within the key text. Furthermore, through researching Australian animals- within science and in our non-fiction texts- children will also be writing to inform. We will be gathering our facts about Australia and its wildlife to then create a leaflet.

In Maths this terms the focus is on length, mass and temperature. You can continue to support your child at home by measuring various objects in metres or centimetres using a ruler or tape measure. In science we are going to be identifying how a wombat habitat provides the basic needs for it to survive as well as understanding that living things change over time using lifecycle. In art children will be developing the key skills: sketching, collage and painting; whilst learning about the Australian landscape and aboriginal art. In ICT the children will be exploring and designing pictographs and binary trees and understanding that they can only answer simple questions. In RE the children will be looking at ‘Who is Jesus?’ and understanding who Christian’s believe Jesus is whilst exploring biblical accounts of Jesus in the Bible. In PSHE the children will be looking at what our bodies need to keep us healthy; including how to eat healthily and medicine safety. In LORIC we will be developing the skill resilience by learning how to persevere when we find something challenging. In PE the children will be learning balancing and ball skills.

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