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Maple and Cherry Class

Welcome to Maple and Cherry Class. 

Cherry class is for children in Foundation and Year 1, and will be taught by Miss Mawby and Mrs Liverton is the Teaching Assistant.

Maple class is for Year 1 children and will be taught by Mrs McKean.

Each half term, the classes will be set a homework project linked to their curriculum theme. In order to make maths fun and enjoyable, we will also send a maths fluency fact sheet home for the term, which gives the opportunity for children to spot mathematical patterns, make mathematical connections and speed up their calculation skills. They will also have a list of spellings for the term. All of the letters, which contain this information, are recorded on this page under Maple and Cherry Curriculum Information. 

During a normal school week, PE will be on a Wednesday. We would like children to come dressed in their PE kit on this day. Please ensure that long hair is tied back and that if your child cannot take out their own earrings that they are taken out before school. We will be trying to get outside as much as possible, so please ensure clothing is weather appropriate.

Your child has been given an independent reading book to read at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. Please read with your child daily and record their reading in their reading record.

This Term's Theme: 'The Seaside'.

Our Learning Journey for Summer Term 2 is The Seaside. 

Our theme for summer term begins with a Geography and Art focus. 

In our Geography lessons, we will explore coastal towns. We will use maps to find out where seaside towns are located in the United Kingdom and be able to name some popular seaside towns. We will find out what physical and human features can be found in a seaside town, and compare coastal towns in the UK and from around the world. 

In Art our learning will take inspiration from the work of Vincent Van Gogh’s Seascape near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. We will explore how to create textures using different materials for example cellophane, sand, lentils, rice, cotton wool and tin foil. 

Our Science topic this term is ‘Animal Kingdom’. We will start this topic by looking at the human body and how to keep healthy. We will then move onto looking at different classes of animals and will be exploring what animals eat. We are really excited about our trip to Woburn Safari Park where we will find out even more about animals!

In writing, we are going to be focussing on writing a persuasive leaflet about an adventure park. The children will learn how to write slogans, imperative verbs and will use persuasive language. We will then focus on writing a narrative based on the story ‘Wombat goes Walkabout’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children will learn lots of new and exciting vocabulary in their English lessons and use adjectives, verbs and onomatopoeia.

In Maths this term, the Reception children will learn about composing and decomposing shapes. They will spot patterns and learn how to combine and build shapes. They will also be exploring volume and capacity through comparing containers of different shapes and sizes. The children in Year 1 will begin learning about the place value of numbers within 100. They will do this by partitioning numbers into tens and ones, learn how to find one more and one less and compare numbers. They will also learn about money and time this term. 

In PSHE we will be focussing on the unit ‘Changing Me,’ we will be looking at changes that happen to ourselves as we grow older and know some ways to cope with those changes.

The children in Cherry and Maple have PE on a Wednesday.

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