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Hawthorn and Cedar Class

Welcome to Hawthorn and Cedar Class

Hawthorn class is for Year 2 children and will be taught by Mr Davis.

Cedar class is for Year 2 children and will be taught by Mrs Hill.

Each half term, classes will be set a homework project linked to their curriculum theme. In order to make maths fun and enjoyable, we will also send a maths fluency fact sheet home for the term, which gives the opportunity for children to spot mathematical patterns, make mathematical connections and speed up their calculation skills. They will also have a list of spellings for the term. All of the letters, which contain this information, are recorded on this page under Hawthorn and Cedar Curriculum Information. 

During a normal school week, PE for Hawthorn Class will be on a Wednesday and a Friday, and PE for Cedar Class will be on a Thursday and a Friday. We would like children to come dressed in their PE kit on these days. Please ensure that long hair is tied back and that if your child cannot take out their own earrings that they are taken out before school. We will be trying to get outside as much as possible, so please ensure clothing is weather appropriate.

Your child has been given an independent reading book to read at home, which is suitable to their word recognition and comprehension skills. Please read with your child daily and record their reading in their reading record.

This Term's Theme:  ‘Field to Fork’

Our Learning Journey this term is ‘Filed to Fork’

Our theme for this term begins with a focus on geography where the children will be learning all about the journey different foods take from when they areharvested, to when they are consumed. They will be exploring where in the world food is grown is, the weather impacting growth, and know that some foods are caught! This links in with our Design and Technology focus this term where we will be exploring fruit and vegetables as well as designing our own Fruit and Vegetable Kebabs.

In English this term, we will be focussing on the key text ‘The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty as well as ‘The Desk Diddler’.

In Maths this term will be mainly focusing on statistics, position and direction. We will also be completing further activities in Shape and Money as this is an area we need to consolidate. 

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